Knee pain – what can you do about it?

There are tons of different reasons for knee pain and naturally, if you have some pathological issues, like an ACL tear, you need to get professional help. Nevertheless, there are also countless situations where we feel pain/discomfort / decreased stability around the knee joint, even though nothing is “broken”. In this article, we are going […]

What do you need to know about the biomechanics of the hip?

In this article we are going to use a squat as an example, because that is the most common situation in a training session, where people might feel the decreased mobility of the hip. Full range squat is a measurement of the ability of the hip to go through full range of motion. This should […]

Spine rotation – a fundamental movement pattern to take good care

When it comes to primal movement patterns, rotation of the spine is probably one of the most impactful to many other movements. We need this rotation when walking, when we reach, when we throw, punch and the list goes on. It is also the one that is usually the first ones to disappear, affecting in […]

Tight hip flexors – is this the best stretch?

We all sit too much during the day and move too little. Sitting itself is not a bad thing, but when it outreach other “activities” like walking and squatting, it becomes a problem. Good stretch gives immediate relief… Do we need stretching? First, it is important to open the terminology. Stretching is something, which aims […]

Healthy shoulders – no pain, no problem

When it comes to shoulders, there is probably not a single person over 20 years of age who has not had any pain or discomfort in their shoulders. It really does not matter if you are a professional athlete or an “office worker”(aren’t we all these days..), you most likely know what I am talking […]

Practice all motor abilities with Movement Stick

There are 6 different motor abilities (depending on how you categorize them). Flexibility Strength Coordination (balance and motor control) Speed Agility (strength, speed, balance) Endurance  Whether you have some specific goals(like specific skills or some sport), or just wanna stay healthy and fit, all of the above abilities should be included in your weekly training […]

How to improve balance?

Do you need to do some crazy stunts to improve your balance? For most of us, balance means the ability to maintain stability (dynamic and static) on a stable surfaces. If you do Yoga, there are many asanas done on one leg, which demands good (mostly static) balance but you need balance anytime you get […]