Freedom Of Movement

Many times our wants and needs get mixed. When talking about training, health, and longevity, that is very common.

Mobility refers to ‘movement quality’. It is a sum of all (bio)motor abilities:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination (balance & motor control)
  • Speed
  • Agility (strength + speed + coordination)
  • endurance

Most of the time people want things like strength or more flexibility. Sometimes they might want things like 200kg /400-pound squat or full side split. Goals are very important as they give us direction on which way to go.

But goals are not our needs. We might need many things, but when it comes to training, it is pretty safe to say, EVERYONE NEEDS FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT!

This is the core of Movement Stick Training. There are many great tools and methods for improving individual things that people want. Sticks for mobility, kettlebells and barbells for strength, and so on.

Movement Stick Training however focuses on the freedom of movement! This is what I and you need and this is the biggest difference between Movement Stick and any other training systems out there.

Yes, some training that we do improves your strength or flexibility. Sometimes the focus is on speed and coordination. Overall, training with Movement Stick improves your movement quality, aka Mobility.

Some folks need less strength than another person. Some people want so much strength that it is the only thing they do. But regardless of individual decisions, we all need the freedom of movement

How are you making sure you have the freedom of movement?

I personally know how it feels to be strong but still feel like lacking freedom. It is a somewhat frustrating situation when you gain strength (better squat and deadlift numbers for example), but outside of the gym, you just feel worse and worse. Until you can no longer do what you want. That is not freedom of movement. That is a prison where you are trying to make changes by doing the same that you have done already. Many times. For years.

If you are already strong, strength most likely doesn’t provide what you need. If you are already very flexible, stretching is not the solution. This doesn’t mean you should not do those things at all. It simply means that you need more diversity. And not just any random stuff but the right decisions for you.

These decisions should be made by understanding the real needs and future goals. But where to start? As we are all individuals, there is no one size fits all, but you might want to start HERE