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What is Movement stick

Movement Stick is a patent pending new innovation for training. You can use it in multiple ways to develop all physical aspects – strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed. Or you can use it for something specific like your back or shoulders. 

How to start practice

You can start by watching all the free material we have provided for you. If you sign in to your account, you can find FAST START material. 

Once you have got the chance to test it and play with it for a moment, we recommend purchasing the GENERAL CONCEPT. It will teach you all the essentials. 

From General Concept you find three different programs: 

How much does it weigh

The stick it self weighs about 3.8 kg/ 8.4lb. It is very easy to assemble. The stick is made of two pieces so it will fit to your gym bag etc. 

In training the weigh of the stick does not matter so much. 

I haven't been training for ages. Can I still train with Movement Stick

Absolutely! Almost all exercise done with the Movement Stick can be adjusted to your personal needs – no matter if you are 75 year old inactive person or an Olympic level athlete. The beauty of Movement Stick training lies in the principles. According to the principles everything can be adjusted to fit any level of fitness. If your aim is to develop your general physical functions and well being you simply choose exercises and variation that serve this purpose. On the other end of spectrum there are very demanding exercises that require extreme strength, flexibility balance and coordination. We guarantee challenges will never end. You will also find a new higher level of exercise for your improved physical abilities. 

Does the Movement Stick come with different sizes

We offer one size for all users as it fits most people in the range of 5ft1 to 6ft. Naturally if you are very tall or short, there might be some movements that will need some adjustement, but you will quite easily find the right individual positions related to your personal hight just by practicing.

With the help of our online material and certified coaches, the journey will be much easier!  

Where to buy - Countries we ship to

You can buy Movement Stick from our webshop only. We deliver to EU, US and UK. If you live in some other country and would like to buy the Stick, please contact us via email 

What are special Movement Stick features

A strong two-part steel structure with rotating balls on the ends of the bar makes all the difference.

  • Rotating balls give more movement freedom and enable the trainee to fully benefit rotation patterns that are important to physical health and sports. 
  • Two-part structure makes the Stick easy to store and carry. 
  • Movement Stick is ideal for home training as training can be done in a small space and it enables pulling exercises with out any attachment to the roof or walls.
  • It is an effective tool for all fitness levels while at the same time it offers endless opportunities to develop all physical expects.
What is the delivery time

Typically the delivery time is 3-5 workingdays. However due to logistic reasons and time of the order it may take up to 7 days. We are a small company aiming to develop our service and making the deliveries faster as our recourses grow. Million thanks for you patience and support. 

How to assemble the Movement Stick

Please see the assembly & safety directions.

Is the Movement Stick training safe

Yes, generally Movement Stick training is safe. However, as all exercise there is always risk of injury. Please consult your physician and read safety instruction before starting any new exersice practice.

Why the Movement Stick bar has holes

We have designed accessories to be attached to the holes. These accessories make the Movement Stick even more interesting and create new nuances for all levels of training. Accessories will be in our store in the spring 2022. We will post info on them well before they are available in the store.

How to become a qualified trainer

Please go to the Movement Stick Coach page 

How to contact us

We are a small team juggling with multiple task so we have no possibility to offer phone service at this time.  Please email us. We will get back to you asap. Thanks a lot! 

What do I benefit form Movement Stick training

Benefits are fast and there are a lot of them. Word functional has suffered some sort of an inflation, but we use it in the context to discribe excellent general physical functionality, where you develop all physical aspects in balance. It is just that what you get.

  • You will increase you strength in ways that really matter in real life, because strength gains come from movements that require lot of control.
  • You will be able to do lot of  stretching and mobility exercises that are different from the regular ones and you will experience new kind of angles and effects.
  • You are able to train at home – no fuss from traveling and you will save your time
  • The Movement Stick is a low investment tool with high user value = one tool, multiple functions.
  • By using the Movement Stick you have always more to learn and options are almost endless.    
How to partner with us

If you are working as a fitness professional we can offer you partnership program to help you grow you business and become The Movement Stick representative in you area, with benefits like running level one instructor certification courses. Please contact us