Carefully read all user information/ safety & assembly  instructions  prior to use. DO NOT attempt to assemble the product or begin the training before doing so.   


Failure to follow recommended safety precautions and incorrect use of the product may cause injuries. There are obvious and hidden dangers in using any exercise equipment; read all warnings and obtain proper instruction on the use of this equipment prior to use.

  • Inspect equipment prior to use, DO NOT USE if the Movement Stick appears being damaged in any way.
  • Use appropriate positioning, speed, and controlled movements.
  • Obtain a medical examination prior to begin an exercise program.
  • Use the Movement Stick only for it’s intended purpose, DO NOT MODIFY the equipment in any way.
  • The Movement Stick should not be used or handled by children.
  • The product contains natural rubber, steel and plastics.
  • Always make sure the space where you are training is safe and there will be no danger to others.
  • Make sure you use the Movement Stick on the secure surface. Always test how the Movement Stick rubber ball holds on the surface. Use only the surface you have first tested to be secure.
  • Keep in mind that there is always danger present as ball rotates and can slip form the surface.
  • Danger will also relate directly to movements you use and the level of body control you have. That is why you always need to consider what movements suit you the best and won’t expose you to injury.
  • Do not attempt the movements that are too demanding and may expose you to injury.  



  1. The Movement Stick is very easy and fast to assemble. It is practically impossible to put it together in a wrong way. However please view assemble video and directions before attempting to assemble Movement Stick.
  2. Please note: before starting the training make sure all parts are securely in place and nothing is loose. If the product appears to be damaged in any way and can not be securely assembled DO NOT USE IT – send it back to us and we will replace it with a new one.
  3. Ball part rotation properties may different from product to product. This is due to manufacturing processes. Some ball parts roll more, some less when the product is new.  If the ball rotation is less it will increase by using the Movement Stick as the fitting will get looser by use. If you want to speed to process you may take a piece of sand paper and sand inside the pipe surface.

A. Two steel tubes.
B. Two plastic cylinders.
C. Two rubber balls.
D. Three plastic clips

  1. Connect main steel tubes (A) with plastic clip (D)
  2. Insert plastic cylinders (B) to the both end of the tubes (A) and attach them with the plastic clip (D). Now you have rotating tube ends.
  3. Push rubber balls (C) to the both rotating ends. Tap strongly on the rubber ball (C) to make sure cylinder goes all the way to the end of the ball hole.
  4. Make sure all parts are securely in place before attempting to use the product.

Now you are ready to start and enjoy the wide world of The Movement Stick training.

Ps. Every time you start training check that all parts are securely in place. This will take only a few seconds.