Healthy shoulders – no pain, no problem

When it comes to shoulders, there is probably not a single person over 20 years of age who has not had any pain or discomfort in their shoulders. It really does not matter if you are a professional athlete or an “office worker”(aren’t we all these days..), you most likely know what I am talking about. Is this our destiny? To have aching shoulders?

There are few things we can make a big difference with our daily choices and health is one of those. Healthy shoulders are not an exception and the cure is actually easier you might think first. 

One hanging session a day keeps the doctor’s scalpel away

Shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body. This means that  we should use them in as versatile ways as possible and give them what they need.

✅ Rotate

✅ Pull 

✅ Push

✅ Stability

✅ Mobility

Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most important joint connecting your upper limb to the trunk? Well it is and what we need to do is to use movement that allows us to use the upper body as one big entity. Naturally the same goes with the lower body, but let’s focus on shoulders right now. 

Straight arm hanging is by far the most important thing we should all do daily. Whenever you have the chance for some hanging, use that opportunity! It does not have to be a pull-up bar or gym rings. Anything goes as long as it is strong enough to take your full body weight. 

Hang and rotate

Now that we all agree that hanging is important, I will tell you a secret. I have found an even better way to take care of my shoulders. Believe me, when I say, I have tested them all. One arm hanging, using gym rings, ropes, bars, and so on. They are all good and still do them, but what has been the best thing for my shoulders is hanging movement with rotation. This is of course possible with pull-up bars and gym rings, but they get pretty intensive. This is why I see Movement Stick as a perfect tool for the task.

It does not only target your shoulder. It works for the upper body as one big unit. Just the way it is meant to be and this will also work for hips and lower limbs as you can see.

So do not waste your time anymore and try to do tens of different exercises. Use only the ones that work best for you. I bet this one will be one of those!