Practice all motor abilities with Movement Stick

There are 6 different motor abilities(depending on how you categorize them).

  1. Flexibility
  2. Strength
  3. Coordination (balance and motor control)
  4. Speed
  5. Agility (strength, speed, balance)
  6. Endurance 

Whether you have some specific goals(like specific skills or some sport), or just wanna stay healthy and fit, all of the above abilities should be included in your weekly training and daily tasks. This does not mean, that you need to do them all at the same amount, but if some of them get too “low”, it will probably have some effects on overall health and performance. Not immediately, but in the long run. Well-planned programming helps you to alternate between them by creating different kinds of cycles to follow.

Skill or ability?

A skill is learned and developed, whereas ability is our genetic disposition to perform that particular skill.  In a very simplistic way to think this is that we all have the ability to move, but not necessarily the skills to execute the right kind of movement patterns. 

Here the right kind of movement practice comes into the picture. It is never a bad decision to practice new movement skills, but not all of us have the time to spend many hours per week training, so where you should focus then?

Focus on basic movement patterns

So-called primal movement patterns are gaiting (walking, running), pulling, pushing, squats, rotation, and hip hinge movement. If your weekly training holds at least a minimum amount of each of these, you are already “above average”. However, there is always time for the optimization of your precious time. If you can have the same results with less time invested, it is always a bargain you should accept.

Movement Stick allows you to practice many abilities at the same time

We are firm believers in mixing things together. For example, if you have a place to hang, use it daily! But many of us don’t. ?

With Movement Stick you automatically include some hanging work because your upper limb is holding the ball. And what is even better, you can add some rotational movement there too!

You can start from very simple and eventually create more complex movement patterns. Try this Movement Stick Stretching set

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