Tight hip flexors – is this the best stretch?

We all sit too much during the day and move too little. Sitting itself is not a bad thing, but when it outreach other “activities” like walking and squatting, it becomes a problem. Good stretch gives immediate relief…

Do we need stretching?

First, it is important to open the terminology. Stretching is something, which aims for improving flexibility. The benefits might be immediate(short term) and/or chronic(long term). However, stretching is not only static passive like many times people assume. There are actually 4 main types of flexibility:

  • Static Passive Flexibility
  • Dynamic Passive Flexibility
  • Dynamic Active Flexibility
  • Static Active Flexibility

The last one is further divided to (Static Active) Agonist and Antagonist Flexibility.

In a perfect world we use all these 4 types of stretching, as flexibility is very specific ability. Just like strength is. But sometimes (many times!) we cannot seek for optimal and what we can do, is merely do our best. When you do not have endless amount of time, you want to use the ones, that gives you best bang for the buck.

Quick fix for busy people

Try this brilliant hybrid stretch for hip flexors, spine rotation and for shoulders. Do this any time you feel “stiff”. Only few minutes will do!

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