What makes a training tool perfect for home training?

Right now home training is more important than ever before. We are also gym owners and have first hand experience of the situation where gyms are forced to close their doors. But life must go on and training should not stop even though we cannot enter the gyms.

So what is perfect for home training? What tools do you need for your own home gym?

Bodyweight Training

We love BWT and we have been the first ones to promote it’s benefits for more than 20 years already!

There are literally thousands different possibilities for using your own bodyweight. It really is “perfect training tool out there”.

Right now, forget about those mindless jumping jacks and boring burpees…Demand more! We are talking about high quality movement, with good technique and well-planned progressions for more advanced skills such as handstand pushups, one arm chin ups etc. 

But wait, those sound a bit difficult…

They are challenging 100% for sure! That is kinda the whole purpose. Of course you should start from the basics and gradually continue for more advanced variations. 

Make sure your training includes at least one drill for all of these basic movement patterns:


  • horizontal: such as normal push ups
  • vertical: such as dips with gym rings
  • inversed: easier version of handstand pushups


  • hanging
  • horizontal: such as ring rows
  • vertical: such as chin ups and pull ups


  • unilateral squatting: lunges, Kossacks etc.
  • bilateral squatting: front squat with kettlebells, overhead squat etc.

Hip hinge 

  • hip thrusts
  • kettlebell swings


  • any kind of movement where you use your spine rotation


  • go walk my friend! 

Everything does not have to be hard

Ok, you probably think that this is all important, but sounds like a lot of work. Not necessarily! Everything does not have to be hard.

You can choose one to three movements where you use a bit higher intensity. For example pushing and pulling and if you happen to have kettlebells, also KB Swings for hip hinges. Others you can do very lightly. 

It is much more important to move daily without any specific purpose, than to do hard exercises too rarely. 

The perfect training tool for home training

If you do not have the needed skills for handstandpushups and you do not own gym rings, kettlebells and other nice stuff, what can you do?

Do not loose your hope quite yet because we have a solution for you. It will make training easier and more challenging at the same time(yes, that is possible!).

It will assist whenever you need help and it will give you new ways of moving your body. Daily and with the intensity that is suitable for you!  

With Movement Stick you can actually do all the basic movement patterns we listed earlier. Pushing, pulling, squatting, hip hinges, rotation (lots of rotation!) and even gaiting.

You can practive flexibility, strength and coordination. This will make you move more economically while you get stronger and more agile. Your movement will become much more precise and accarute. You are able to move faster and what’s the most important thing; you will feel better! 

But let’s start from the beginning. Before you try anything else, try this relaxing Movement Stick session and see how you feel after it. 

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