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General Concept

General Concept is a comprehensive training program that enables you to practice strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed and endurance. The main focus is in strength, flexibility and the ability to move better.

You will learn to move in various different ways and improve your ability to use your body in multiple different ways. While you are becoming a better mover, you will get stronger, more flexible, faster and you will probably see physical changes in your body composition. If you want to gain muscle mass, or loose weight, General Concept will work for those goals as well. 

General Concept includes 3 different courses to select from. You can pick one, two or all three of them. 

General Concept is designed in such a way that you can use parts of it or combine all the parts to create the intensity you need! 

Individual courses

individual courses

Choose the individual courses if you want to focus your training on one area. Customize your learning by purchasing further courses as you learn new skills.

for strength and power



Strength series is a general program focused on strength training. The core of the practice is in dynamic movement along with isometric holds and speed related movements such as jumping. Strength development is the main focus, but many of the movements will improve flexibility and overall mobility. 

Most of the movements do not require high level of skills, so it is easy to start practicing them. 

All Strength movements have easy-, intermediate- and advanced versions to choose from. Active recovery movements are included in the programs. 

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for flexibility and recovery



Stretching series is a general program focused on different types of flexibility training. The core of the practice is in dynamic active stretching along with static active (isometric) and static passive (relaxed) flexibility movements.

Stretching movements do not require any skill learning and are easy to use at any situation.  

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for better movement skills



Function series is a general program focused on all around movement training. The core of the practice is in dynamic movement patterns including parts from Stretching and Strength. Function program challenges agility (balance, stability etc.), coordination and skill learning abilities. 

Strength, flexibility, endurance and overall mobility will improve as you become a better mover! 

Function movements will require some level of skill learning. There are three levels to choose from: easy, intemediate and advanced so everyone can find their own level.  

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If you want to make sure your training is holistic and will improve all the physical aspects, we recommend that you get them all and create combinations that will work best for your goals and your current situation. 

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Online materials include ready to use programming and all the movements are presented with high quality videos with key points. You can access them easily with computer or mobile device. 

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