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The New Evolution of Movement Functionality 


We provide you not only this unique training equipment, but also complete programs which makes starting easy for everyone.

There are many options to choose from for different physical levels. From easy daily functional movement to challenging training and sport-specific training.

General concept includes three different program series: Strength, Stretching, and Function. This is the place to start and once you get the basics, you can expand at any direction you wish to proceed! 

The most important variable of good programming is the adherence. When training is fun, you want to do it and we can promise you this: You will love training with Movement Stick!


The absolutely best way to improve ones overall health is having an easy way to move on a daily bases!

Movement Stick is a multifunctional training equipment that is easy to use and works for many different purposes and goals. It is a full body training tool in a compact form. Compact structure makes it easy to store and use anywhere from home to offices and gyms etc.

With Movement Stick training you will activate all muscles that are important in your every day life. 


The Movement Stick provides innovative and high quality concept, certification programs and tools for effective training that can be done anywhere.Movement Stick offers a perfect tool and skills to trainers who want to expand their knowledge and increase their income. By becoming one of the Certified Movement Stick Coaches, you get that extra leverage to serve your customers and stick out from the masses.All you need is an urge to learn a new and exciting training concept. We can offer you new business opportunities from personal training to online coaching and hosting certification programs.See our PARTNER PROGRAM! 

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Technical features

A strong two-part steel structure with rotating balls on the ends of the bar makes all the difference. Rotating balls give more freedom to the movement and enable the to trainee fully benefit rotation patterns that are very important to physical health and sports.


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What does movement Stick DO?



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General concept

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Once you have first tried it out with the help of our FREE FAST START videos, the next step is to move into more detailed programming we have made for you. Just click below and start your journey with GENERAL CONCEPT.


With GENERAL CONCEPT programs you can practice all physical components and target the ones that are the most important for your personal needs.

Whether it is strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility or endurance, you can achieve them all with Movement Stick by using special programs.

The greatest thing about the Movement Stick is that the more you use it the more you grow into it and start seeing all the endless options it has to offer. Even after many years of using The Movement Stick, we are still happy students learning and finding out new ways to exersice with it! 


Do you want to be stronger?

We all need strength to move. Whether it is for your daily life or sports, strength has a fundament importance. Strength also plays an important part in injury preventation. However, it matters greatly how you develop strength. We have seen way too often how unbalanced strength training will develop a body prone to injury in addition of having poor natural range of motion and body control.

Strength series is a program focused on strength training that matters in real, daily bases life. With strength you will always develop full body control and balance. This is strength that is most beneficial. The core of the practice is in dynamic movements along with important isometric holds, spiced up with  some speed related movements such as jumping. It is important to start slow and get familiar with the movements first. Once you have grown into the movements you will be able to add tension, duration and speed step by step.

Doing isometric holds will engage your muscles differently than traditional “dynamic” rep work. They are great for teaching you muscles how to create more tension. They will engage nerve system effectively and able you to create a strong mind-muscle link.

Additional speed exercise spices up the strength training. Speed is married to strength so it is important to include some speed training to strength training. This is particularly important as we age and our natural ability to produce speed decreases. However, speed training involves the greatest injury risk, so it should be started with precaution and step by step approach, using relatively easy and light resistance and moderate speed under full control.


Flexibility is the foundation!

Flexibility is the motor ability that determines the capacity of joints movement in various positions. Active (read meaningfull) flexibility is built on a foundation of strength.

Stretching series is a general program focused on different types of flexibility training. The core of practice is in dynamic active stretching along with static active stretching. These are the two types of streching methods that matter a great deal in real life and sports. The Movement Stick enables very effective use of these two stretching methods and introduces a new and the most “multifunctional” way to combine different body parts in one single stretch and combination of stretches.   

During the course you will also start to understand the differences between the four main types of flexibility – and which kind of stretching works best for specific goals you may have.


Learn to move better!

The more movement skills you have, the better chances you have when facing sudden situations. Your movement skills are various combinations of different movement patterns that are available to you when interacting with external environment.

Function series is a general program focused on all around movement training. The core of  the practice is dynamic movement along including different parts from Stretching and Strength. Function challenges also agility (balance, stability etc.), coordination and skill learning abilities.

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We all know the multiple benefits of Yoga practices. There are many forms of Yoga to choose from. What ever you choose, the Movement Stick can offer you multiple benefits to develop your training.

Movement Stick will challenge your poses and enable you to find totally new kind of sensations and nuances while offering ways of stretching, strengthening and pulling motions that are unattainable with only traditional floor work.

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COACH certification
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certification program for professionals

Movement stick coach

Movement Stick Coach is a certification course for professionals who want to learn the optimal way to practice with the Stick and also how to use it with their clients. 

Movement Stick Coach level 1 is now published and available.

Level 2 and Master level will be released later. 

Levels 1 & 2 are online but also available as live versions in some countries. 

Master level is available only live and requires all the previous levels performed acceptably.

Learn new ways of moving!


what they say about Movement Stick?

I have been a professional personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and martial arts instructor for over 14 years, with hundreds of clients that range from professional fight athletes to senior citizens. 

The movement stick is finally a multifunctional fitness, mobility, and strength tool that comes with an easy-to-follow and effective training concept; it’s something I can use with all my clients anywhere anytime.
The versatility and excellent build quality of the movement stick is something I’m excited to use myself and with all my clients and athletes.

I highly recommend it, whatever your age and ability.

Matt Walker Coach, Personal trainer.

I have always been an active mover and practiced many different sports. Even though I love competing and challenging myself, my biggest passion is to find new ways of moving my body and learning how I can make sure my body will stay healthy and agile. This is also what I teach daily to my students of every age.

When I first tested Movement Stick, I was absolutely amazed how multifunctional and effective it really is. Everything looks so much easier in the videos, but when you try it yourself, with small adjustments one simple move can challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and even endurance. Movement Stick is really an innovation of this century! 

Hanna Härkönen
Move with Hanna

I have been a professional coach for over 10 years, and currently work full time as a Gymnastic Strength Training and Mobility/Stretch coach for adults. I come from a competitive sports background in both Triathlon and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

The movement stick has amazed me with it’s capacity to offer multifaceted training. With just one tool, I was able to get a strength workout, stretch and develop my active mobility. To be honest, the movement stick challenged me in ways I have not been challenged before. I particularly like how easy the videos are to follow, and how the exercises are adapted for all levels, from complete beginners, to experienced athletes. I will definitely be using this myself and with my clients. 

Kristie Walker

I like the new and different possibilities that the Movement Stick brings to the table. The basic moves and their derivatives can be very helpful for beginners as well as advanced athletes. In addition there is endless room for exploration and challenging your movement capabilities as well as imagination.

Mikko Myllymäki
Coach, Gym owner