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movement stick

one tool – multiple functions! 

what is

Movement stiCK


Movement Stick is a patent pending innovation for training. You can use it in multiple ways to develop all physical aspects; strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed and endurance.

You can also use it for improving your overall health or for something specific, like your back or shoulder rehabilitation.  

Start by checking all the FREE START training videos we have provided for your use.

To learn more we have created GENERAL CONCEPT


  • A strong two-part steel structure with rotating balls on the ends of the bar makes all the difference. Rotating balls give more freedom to the movement and enable the trainee to fully benefit rotation patterns that are very important to physical health and sports.
  • Two-part structure makes the Stick easy to store and carry. You can also use the Movement Stick either as the long or as the short version.
  • The Movement Stick is ideal for exercising at home as the training can be done in small spaces. What is very special, the Stick enables you to do pulling exercises without any attachment to the roof or walls.
  • It is an effective tool for all fitness levels from novices to professional athletes while at the same time it offers endless opportunities to develop all physical aspects.
  • Movement Stick weight is about 3.8 kg/ 8.4 lb, lenght 1.68 m. It is very easy to assemble. The Stick is made of two pieces, so it will easily fit to your gym bag.

why was the

movement stick invented?

The idea of Movement Stick was developed through the process of trying and failing. There was a real need to find a low price, simple and yet effective multifunctional tool for home training. A tool that would require minimal space and needs no attachments to the roof, wall or floor. A tool that creates endless learning possibilities and challenges.

At first it was used only for the inventors personal needs, rehabilitating lower back and shoulders. By gaining personal experience and increased amounts of user experience from clients, he found it to be very effective for developing strength, flexibility and general functionality in the combined fashion. In addition the training is also fun & playful, even addictive and time saving at the same time!

Once in a training session a client using the Stick asked: “Why would you not offer this stick to all trainers? I’m sure it would be a hit as we have proven the effectiveness”.
In a few days, after thinking about it he said to himself “The client is absolutely right, so why not!”

People often think that for effective training they need high tech devices or invest a lot of money to training equipment.

Or would you instead invest a smaller amount of money in something totally new,  a ground braking innovation that gives you all the effectiveness you need?

In reality your physical level of fitness is not related to high tech of financial investments you have done. It’s only related to work you do and the things you have learned and keep on learning through your body. By using your own body and simple tools like pull up bars, kettlebells, jumping ropes etc. that mimic the things our ancestors have done for surviving – climbing, lifting, wrestling, fighting, walking, running and jumping.  The Movement Stick fits perfectly in the category of simple and effective training tools and peaks up at the top position for it’s unbeatable multi-use & high price to value benefits.

Every one of us have the greatest training tool in use – our own body – we just need to learn how to use it.   


The greatest thing about the Movement stick is that it gives you constant opportunities to find new nuances from the movements you are creating. It keeps training interesting and fresh – which is one important aspect, when we consider the long term benefits where your internal motivation is an important part of persistence. 

Some might think that stick is a stick (right?) and there is nothing to it. We know from our extensive experience that once you try Movement Stick, you will see how the rolling ball heads make all the difference. They will create functionality that extends far beyond the simple stick.

Movement stick also have holes in the frame that have the purpose for the special attachment to expand the effects.


movement stick

What you get
is no sHort of a miracle

Once you start training with Movement Stick you will be amazed how effective and multifunctional it is to use.

With Movement Stick you can build your athletic body in the comfort of you home using short and effective workouts.


It is not about how much money you invest to different kind of fitness equipment. It is about the multifunctional use of one or few special tools that enable you to create effective training. Movement stick gives you just that. It is the most compact and simple tool in the industry, with multiple training options that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


With The Moment Stick learning never ends. Anyone can start with easy exercises and progress step by step to intermediate and advanced levels.

It really doesn’t matter if you are an inactive person or an Olympic level athlete, with Movement Stick you can find suitable practices to fit your personal needs.

The Movement Stick training principles, programs and practices will fire up your training and lift it to a new level!
Over the years we have analyzed and tested different physical aspects and how they should be trained in combined fashion the most effective way – by using minimal training tools.
We have put a considerable amount of time and effort to test even the smallest details to find best possible end solutions for you.
When you start the Movement Stick training you can start with easy  FREE START PROGRAMS. Once you feel you are ready, you have an option to proceed to GENERAL CONCEPT that has three programs: Strength, Stretching and Function.
If you are interested in deepening you knowledge, you can join INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS where you will learn many more details from different body positions, movement patterns, body lines and their effects in using different techniques of muscle activations in combination with strength, flexibility an coordination work.

Sometimes a person can be quite strong in big lifts, like deadlift & squat or has muscular arms. However if we put these results in real life test, we may learn that simple strength developed may have quite poor carry over /relevance to many activities like martial arts, surfing, climbing, wrestling etc.

You might ask why is that?

Because to be highly “generally functional or athletic”  is not about single property but a combination of many. Actually all of them. You do not have to be in the high end in all of them, because that would be very difficult or impossible to achieve. But it is possible to find good general balance between strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, speed and agility. From that general balance it is also possible to develop good and specific sport qualities.

With The Movement Stick you have a chance to develop a highly functional body that is useful in everyday actions and sports. We only have one body, so honoring it is the same as using it wisely.



We say it most definitely is – but you may want to consider a few issues like these:


  • Will I benefit from training that makes me body less prone to injury?
  • Will I benefit from saving time ?
  • Do I want to improve  recovery?
  • Would I enjoy new ideas and endless learning and opportunities for development?
  • Will I benefit from effective home training?
  • Will I benefit from clear guidelines to follow?
  • Do I enjoy full body training with super athletic properties?
  • Is my goal in overall health and functionality?


The Movement Stick training will not place any limitations to age or fitness level. If you can stand and walk, it’s enough to start with. From experience we know that it can be done by almost anyone so starting is really a piece of cake.

It is also for rehabilitation practice

We have used The Movement Stick with great results for shoulder, knee and back injury or pain rehab.

You may want to do The Moment Stick training as your main practice like we do, or you might use it as a supporting tool going towards you main goals.

For example if your main goal is in Martial Arts, Football, CrossFit, Power lifting or Yoga, simply apply the movements and techniques that support you reavching you goals.
During the year 2022 we will add more different kinds of Movement Stick applications that you can use to support reaching your main goals.

Take a loot at at the  SNOFLAKE PRINCIPLES pattern to see the bigger picture. Principles are basically the same for all, combination and options limitless.


It was made for you busy schedule in mind. We are also very busy and have lots of business people as clients. Often they struggle with time issues and look for effective alternatives as they place high value on they time and don’t want to waste it.

Movement Stick fits perfectly for busy schedules, because you can exercise many physical aspects at the same time and get results even with short 20-30 minute workouts. We call this Combined Physical Training ( CPT ).


We can totally relate to that. Millions of people start many kind of fitness activities each year and buy countless amounts of different kind of training equipments and supplements. Most of the people get bored quite fast and loose their motivation. The stuff that looked like an essential miraclemaker just a few months back end up under the bed or storage. A common problem is that training is often deadly boring – to do that same crouch or twist over and over again and hope for a miracle to happen.


In general there is great misconception when it comes to physical training. Quite often the essential element of game & play is missing as we get caught up on set, pain, numbers and programs. Somewhere down the road we have adopted a wrong philosophy, the philosophy of “no pain, no gain” – training has to be painful to be effective. However, hard training is only one tool and it is to be used with careful consideration.
It is all about how SMART you train, not how hard. Exercising in a smart way terminates how your final results are – how you progress and how injury prone you are.

Just like animals, we humans seek for play by nature, because it is enjoyable. Play is natures way to drive learning . By playing we can actually develop very advanced skills and also find different bodily feelings and pathways. By playing we enter into creative, free state of mind and movement – The Flow state.

Playing has also great physiological effects as it rewards our brain with “pleasure hormones”. So it will direct our actions to the track that gives us pleasure.

You will get better results if you adapt a laid back attitude and treat failure as a key learning feature. Just keep on playing, even if you are a serious athlete, and you will eventually get better results. Taking training too seriously will only cause unnecessary stress.

The only thing you need to do 100% is to give your attention to what you are doing.  

When you start with playful mind and action, the creative mind will follow and with it interest and motivation start to grow while your results improve.

Just grab The Movement Stick, take a look at FREE FAST START and just start playing without any worrying . It does not have to be perfect.

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