Injury & pain prevention

There is a big difference between being injured and feeling pain from time to time. We all feel pain no matter what we do. Practice or not to practice, there will be some level of discomfort, aka pain. That being said, there are many ways to minimize discomfort feelings and one of the best ways to do that is to add more light-intensity movement to your daily routines. Many sports have very linear movement patterns and even though these kinds of stuff are very important, our body needs also “non-linear” movement. Rotation, spiraling, and whatever patterns will take you out of your comfort lines.

Every now and then, you hear that some specific movement drill etc. will make your body bulletproof. Whether it is heavy lifting, stretching, warm-ups, Nordic Glute Ham Raises, or switching from Static Passive Stretching to Dynamic Active Stretching, the same pattern repeats. People test new things, it works at first because of the novelty of the movement, and then we assume that this will be the game changer. Until it won’t work anymore (or with everyone) and some new pain or injuries occur…

There is no one perfect exercise that would make your body bulletproof, but there are well-working systems that make your odds much better. Movement Stick Training System is created to maximize those odds. Let’s see how it works.

Skill, recovery, and motor abilities

Skills, recovery, and well-balanced motor abilities are the best way to tackle any injuries and pain even before they occur.

In reality, we need all of the motor abilities for a well-balanced body. Strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed, and endurance.

For most of us, focusing on flexibility, strength, and coordination, you will most likely get the best results from an “injury prevention perspective”. It is however very much individual, how much you should focus on these and of course there is a possibility that your movement quality will improve by improving your endurance.

Your (and maybe your coach’s) job is to find that sweet spot where everything is aligned. If you focus too much on strength training, you will eventually end up in a situation where you cannot perform as smoothly as you were able to. The same performance requires more effort and that makes your movement less effective and less economical. The same thing happens if you focus too much on flexibility or any other ability.

Maybe your body will let you know it somewhat differently, but the end result is the same: your movement skills decrease!

Training and practice

Training and practice should be considered as different occasions. Training is something you do to improve your physical aspects such as strength and flexibility. Practice is something you do to become a more skilled mover at your specific game. To some extent, these of course go hand in hand.

When you create a system that helps you to find an optimal balance between training, recovery, and skill sets, you are going in the right direction.

Movement Stick Training provides you such a tools that will help you to create an optimal training system, where strength, flexibility, and coordination merges. When you add your skill practice and optimal recovery on top of this, you can expect great results.

Your movement quality (aka. MOBILITY) should be your top goal when your aim is pain and injury free body. That is The thing that will make your body bulletproof(ish). For that, you need a well working training system, a good skill set, and an optimal recovery.

Stick with a plan and stay strong, flexible, and well-coordinated. 😉