Bodyweight Training and Movement Stick

We are firm believers in bodyweight training and have over 20 years of experience in teaching versatile ways of moving your own body. Whether it is light everyday movement or some specific skill, becoming a better mover is always a good way to go!

Movement Stick is actually a training tool for bodyweight training

When I first started practicing with Movement Stick over two years ago, my goal was to learn what you can do with it. Because I have been practicing bodyweight training for over a decade, I quickly realized that I can actually do most of the “existing movements” also with the Stick. Sometimes it made it easier, sometimes more challenging.

When I teach any bodyweight skills, I (like any other coaches) use progressions from easy to intermediate and eventually to advanced. With Movement Stick, this all became a lot easier. Especially with novices and with people who have some disabilities like being unable to squat down, or stay on top of their wrists, etc. Sounds very basic stuff but not so easy for many people!

Alternate between bodyweight and Movement Stick drills

One very simple and effective way of adding some Movement Stick drills to your practice is to alternate between them. For example:

A1) dynamic active shoulder stretching with Movement Stick

A2) handstand / handstandpushups / other BWT Skills

A3) dynamic movement with Movement Stick

This is only an example of course. Handstand could be push-ups, or you could alternate with bodyweight pushups(A1) and pulling movements (A2) with Movement Stick.

Just add some stuff and see how it feels

When testing new things, many times the easiest way is to just test random stuff without any specific programming. This is what we recommend with Movement Stick. Just add it to your already existing training sessions and see how it feels. It can be part of a warm-up, or you can alternate between different drills.

When you learn to do more with the Stick, you can start adding full sessions with it. They can be stretching sessions, strength sessions, or some kind of combinations that we do in our FUNCTION series.

Stay healthy and remember to move!