Base training with Movement Stick

Why low-intensity base training is essential for health and longevity?

In many situations, our focus tends to turn towards heavy, high-intensity training and of course, that is something we also need, preferably weekly. But in the base training, the focus is less on the intensity and more on training volume. A good guideline is to use exercise combinations, that do not make you exhausted. By keeping the intensity low, you can easily increase weekly training volume by 50 % and more.

 It is essential to reduce the intensity, keep training light, keep the stress/rest cycle balanced, and let the energy systems recover.

 Increasing light training volume also benefits joint health, ligaments, and tendons by pumping fluids and nutrients into the joints (lubricating joints). This will have great impact on joint mobility(movement quality in the joint).

Adding more volume enables the body to build more capillaries around the working muscles. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels, like pipelines, that deliver more oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the muscles. Adding more of these tiny pipelines means improved mitochondrial function for energy production. Mitochondria are the body’s power plans where energy is created, so it’s essential to consider mitochondrial health while creating an exercise program.  

Base training improves mitochondrial function, increasing their ability to produce more enzymes and energy that aid aerobic energy production. An added benefit is better general health and recovery from more intense training.

Movement Stick Base Training fuses baseline functionality(general movement skills) and mitochondrial health with combined benefits.  

Use combinations and repeat them in cycles. For example:
A. Rotation patterns
B. Lunges
C. Hip hinge & squats
D. Pushing & pulling
A,B,C,D in combinations

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